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Sam [userpic]
Challenge 107
by Sam (scarlet_braids)
at July 10th, 2010 (02:51 pm)

hanging: home
feeling: good
now playing: No Regrets ~ Bon Jovi

Challenge 107 is a 'sets' challenge - make 4 icons from the one picture provided. :)

You are only allowed to use the supplied photo for this challenge and you must make all your icons from it. Four icons must be submitted if you enter this challenge & all of them need to have cropped differently. They must include :
1 grayscale icon
1 icon that uses a texture
1 icon which shows image duplication
1 icon freestyle (you can be as creative as you wish)

Credit for pic to Larger Than Life.

~ All sets must comply with the above guidelines
~ You may submit one set (4 icons)
~ Brushes,textures, etc. are allowed.
~ You MUST only use the image provided.
~ Must be original icons made for this challenge.
~ No Animation!
~ Please submit icons in JPG, or PNG format only.
~ Please submit entries in the correct format with the url provided, as illustrated in the rules on the community info page.

Submissions for this challenge will be due Friday 16th July by midnight, EST (Eastern Standard Time).

Submit your entries in a comment to this post and all comments are screened. If you have any questions regarding this challenge please comment this post separate from your entries post. That way I can unscreen questions for everyone to view without your entries being visible as well. :)