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Chris Jericho Icon Stillness

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Welcome to cj_stillness
Welcome to cj_stillness, a new stillness challenge icontest community on LJ for Chris Jericho fans. Maintainer here is scarlet_braids

Listed at

Icontest Rules

~You MUST be a member of this community to participate in the challenges.
~No animation allowed.
~No anonymous voting.
~All icons submitted must not have been made previously for other contests.
~Icons must fit LJ standards, i.e. 100x100, less than 40kb & JPG or PNG format.
~Only members allowed to enter challenges.
~Always read individual rules for each challenge.
~Ask creator's permission to use icons & credit.
~In the interest of fairness you may NOT VOTE FOR YOURSELF! or ask your friends to come in and vote for you; submissions will also be disqualified from the contest if :
(i) The correct format for submission of entries (which is clearly stated on the info page)is not followed.
(ii) Members that submit icons do not participate in the voting.
~If I find evidence that you have used unfair practice in the weekly voting, you will be BANNED permanently from this community.
~Post your entries as a comment to the challenge post in this format:


~Get creative & have fun!

Fridays ~ Deadline for all submissions.
Saturdays ~ Voting begins.
Mondays ~ Voting ends.
Sat-Fri ~ Submit your entries

wrestle_stills//divas_icontest//tapout100//nodamnrolemodel////wrestling_lims//wrestleweekly//workrate // wrestling_hush


Please feel welcome to take a link button from below, upload to your server and add the url for the community ( http://community.livejournal.com/cj_stillness/profile )


Thanks to trish_stillness for inspiring this community!

Many thanks to for many of the photos used in these challenges!

Layout profile code thanks to ReversesCollide